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There are others like me!

Now what the hell do I do?

I was alone again and in a situation I didn't understand.

Something more was going on with me and, I felt so pulled to understand what it was.

I had asked the Universe to please send me someone I could work with, who could help me understand.

The Universe sent the Narcissist... Ugh!

Thanks to him, I felt like I'd been thrown from a great height, and shattered pieces of me were now strewn all over the ground. I was losing the battle against the darkness and I knew it. I had no idea how to put the pieces of myself back together and, I didn't know if I could survive the darkness, again. I needed help in a big way.

I asked the Universe, PLEASE send a woman this time because I was tired of this shit!

It's kind of important to remember, when you ask the Universe for something, it WILL come. It’s a safe bet it won't look anything like what you thought but, it will come. So, when a friend sent me information about a class being offered at a metaphysical store in town, my first thoughts were, “Someone teaches classes in this stuff?? There are stores??”

I mean, I have been to plenty of crystal shops but mostly, they were all filled with tumbled stones and pretty jewelry, nothing really metaphysical.

There was one place in LA, though, that was kind of a local apothecary. It was always an interesting experience to be there because it was all black and there was a giant ax coming out of the roof. I'd heard was run by witches and, while it wasn't the most welcoming place from the outside, the people were nice. They carried herbs, oils, books, and lots of jewelry with skulls and, they usually had what I needed. When I needed refills on essential oils, I often ended up there, because the fancy aromatherapy place down the street always seemed to be out of well… the essentials, like peppermint and lavender.

Years later, after the black, ax wielding store closed, a dear friend and her husband opened a fantastic, full service meta store in the same area. If you're ever in the San Fernando Valley, it is totally worth your time to check out The Green Man on Lankershim Boulevard ( - that's her in the green shirt on the website) They opened the store years after the rest of this actually happened and it's been an absolute joy to watch them build it into one of the foremost metaphysical communities in LA

Ok, back to my story... So my girlfriend says, "Hey, this woman is teaching a class at this meta-store in town, want me to send over the information?”

The class was called Beyond Psychic Protection and my friend thought it might help me find what I was looking for. What I found changed my life forever.

The class was filled with people like me! Some had a full grasp on their skills and had been working in their fields for ages. Others were new and unsure like me, trying to get a grip on the awakening they were experiencing. Younger, older, Shamans, Theta Healers, intuitives, empaths, acupuncturists... Some had been "awake" their whole lives, others more newly awakened. Some had been traumatized by their abilities while others had simply ignored them until they no longer could. With all of this, there were still only about 15 people in the class.

I was nervous. Having never been to a "real" meta store, or taken any kind of classes like this, I had no idea what to expect. But, the class was pay as you go so, I figured I’d go to the first one and take it from there. The store looked like it may have been someone’s house at one point, and every room was filled to bursting with stuff!! There were crystals everywhere, clothes, Tarot cards, incense, singing bowls and walls filled with books! I didn't know where to look first.

And then a woman said, "Hi! Are you Shari?" When I nodded, she hugged me tightly and said, "I'm so glad you're here!"

Um... ok.

Turns out she was the one teaching the class.

It’s likely that class was one of the first times in my adult life, I felt truly safe. I had no idea what a new and interesting feeling that would be. I remember feeling safe as a kid in elementary school but, not really much after that. I wasn’t a nervous kid, I just never felt safe. I grew up in the 70s and 80s, in the age of Adam Walsh. You know the tv show America’s Most Wanted and the host John Walsh? Well, John was just a normal dad until his son Adam was abducted from the local 1981. After that, he became an advocate for missing children, created multiple tv shows and helped to bring about important changes to child abduction laws and police procedures, even beyond all the tv shows.

Adam was younger than me and lived just a few streets away when he was taken from the Sears store in broad daylight. I still remember how his abduction rocked not only our small-ish town but the nation as well. For years, no one would go to that mall, for fear of another abduction. Even before that, I remember the time my friend and I were playing in front of her house when a man drove by asking for directions. He was fully exposed and fondling himself as he asked us to get in the car to show him where to go. Thankfully we were weirded out enough to go inside and tell our moms! And, thankfully this guy was more interested in showing us his penis than grabbing two little girls!

Our home had a burglar alarm that was set every night, instilling in me at a young age, the idea that I needed to be protected. And throughout my life, circumstances proved to me over and over; I was not safe.

So now, to suddenly have this feeling of being safe, and that everything was okay, was like being revived after too long without air! I was gasping and confused yet trying to inhale as much as I possibly could.

I'd sworn to myself I would just sit in the class and listen. What the hell did I know about any of this stuff anyway? But participation was encouraged and there was a moment of sheer terror when the instructor looked and me and said, "so, what do YOU think about this...?"


Words started coming out of my mouth! Words I hadn't consciously thought came pouring out of me from who knows where, and I could hear myself speaking with a confidence and knowledge that was not my own. A voice inside was screaming, "Shut up!! You don't what you're saying!!" But the words kept coming and I watched in shock as several heads nodded in agreement to whatever it was I was saying.

I left the class that day feeling like a part of me that had long been asleep was now awake and just maybe, I had finally found people who could understand and help me.

I couldn't wait to go back next week!

I couldn't wait to go back next week!

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