Stand & Fight - My War with Bank of America

Too often, we are so caught up in the day-to-day part of our lives, that we cannot hear our higher guidance. We refuse to see the signs and we just can’t open our minds because there is too much other stuff in the way. But when it’s time, or when your guides have had enough waiting around for you to hear them, they will shift you in ways you can’t even imagine… When we purchased our home, we took a mortgage that had a fixed interest rate for several years before it would change to an adjustable rate loan. We knew we’d need to refinance before the structure changed so we started that process in 2009. While many things were happening in the economy around that time, three things stood out

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When you come to the edge of all the light you know,

and you are about to step off into the darkness of the
unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen:

There will be something solid to stand on

or you will be taught how to fly...

- Barbara Winter

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