Actor, Spouse, Instigator, Twin...

I lay on my bed, trying to be comfortable but, in truth I was about as far from it as I could get. It was my first session with a professional psychic and I had no idea what was about to happen! What if it didn't work? What if she thought I was crazy? What if she thought I was making it all up? But, I had just paid this woman to help me get some answers so... breathing deeply, in and out, I began my first session with Vanessa. We had already discussed my intentions for our time together and that I wanted to learn more about the connections I had with several men in my life. I seemed to be more connected to these men, and I needed to know why. John was an Actor in New York City, and

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When you come to the edge of all the light you know,

and you are about to step off into the darkness of the
unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen:

There will be something solid to stand on

or you will be taught how to fly...

- Barbara Winter

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