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  • Psychic and/or Mediumship Reading

  • Grief Counseling

  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression

  • Guided Meditation for Releasing Blocks

  • Connect With Your Spirit Guides

  • Angel, Oracle or Tarot Card Reading

  • Akashic Records Read & Healed

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Developmental Classes
  • Mediumship

  • Psychic Awareness

  • Empathic Development and Control

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Becoming An Empowered Empath

Online Course

Have you ever walked into a room and just knew 
something was off?


Do people call you overly emotional or even
overly dra

Are there times when you feel you just can’t
get a grip on your emotional energy?

You may be an Empath! 

Now, before you go all doom and gloom, hear me out…

Being an Empath does NOT have to be a burden.


I know it can often feel like that, believe me I get it!
I have been there!


With training, strategies and tools,

You CAN learn to become an Empowered Empath!

You may even learn to see being an Empath as a Blessing!


Join me on a journey of exploration and
get to know yourself better.

Learn to become stronger and more energetically aware.

The more capable you are of understanding HOW you receive energy, 
the better equipped you will be to become an Empowered Empath.


Filled with exercises and journaling opportunities,

over the course of these eight modules,
you'll learn which of your senses is the strongest
and how to protect yourself from unwanted energy. 

As you strengthen your awareness of what's going on around you,
you'll enhance your ability to filter information and to discern
what is and isn’t yours.  


Learn to buffer yourself and release energies

which don’t belong to you and most importantly,

how to avoid people and situations which may be
harmful to you and your energy.


Join me on this journey as we work together
to help you
Become An Empowered Empath.


Module 1 - Are You An Empath?

  • Welcome - Introduction

  • Are You An Empath?

  • Self-Assessment Questions

  • Why Does Energy Affect Us So Much?

  • Masaru Emoto's Water Experiments

  • Energetic Awareness Journaling


Module 2 - Understanding How We Receive Energy

  • Emotional and Physical Empaths

  • Emotional Awareness Journaling

  • How Do You Receive Energy? Understanding The Clairs

  • With Which Clair Do You Resonate Most Strongly?


Module 3 - Strengthening Your Clairs

  • Learning to strengthen Your Clairs

  • Building Your Clairsentience

  • Building Your Claircognizance

  • Building Your Clairaudience

  • Building Your Clairvoyance

  • Strengthening My Clairs Tracking Sheet

Module 4 - Understanding The Chakras

  • Getting To Know The Chakras

  • Chakra Chart

  • Chakras Out Of Balance

  • More Than Seven Chakras

  • Energetic Awareness Journaling

  • Energy Ball Exercise

Module 5 - Working With Energy

  • Sending And Receiving; Energy Or Emotion

  • Shielding & Blocking Energy

  • Working With Crystals

  • Zapping Unwanted Energies

  • Building Your Bubble Of Protection

  • Using Tools To Strengthen My Energy


Module 6 - Strengthening & Protecting Your Energy

  • Get To Know The Angels

  • Get To Know Your Guides

  • Other Tools You Can Use

  • Strengthening Your Own Energy

  • Energy Vampires & Narcissists - Identifying Energy Drains

  • Psychometry & Narcissists

  • Energy Vampires, Thoughtforms & Suckers

  • Using Body Scans

  • Scan & Strengthen Your Energy Field

  • Love Them Away And Let Go


Module 7 – Clearing & Grounding

  • Clearing & Grounding Our Own Energy

  • Getting Grounded

  • Clearing & Grounding with Salt, Incense and More

  • Touch The Trees

  • Cut The Cord

  • Meditation

  • Balancing Your Chakras


Module 8 - Being An Empowered Empath In Real Life

  • Put Your Tools To Use

  • Emotional Awareness Journaling

  • A Year In Pixels

  • Ask The Three Questions

  • Understanding The Three Questions

  • Prayers For Going Forward


PLUS, A Live Zoom Call With ME!

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