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Is America Evolving Through The Chakras?

When we tap into the Source of Divine Light and Love, we are more able to connect to the growth and unfoldment occurring around us. Personally, spending time in nature helps me reconnect when life’s busy pace pulls me away. I touch the trees and thank them for their wisdom and guidance. I put my feet in the grass or when possible, sand at the beach. I hug the people I care about tightly, so they know they matter. I meditate and listen to music that stirs my soul or urges me to dance. I listen to podcasts that remind me life is good and I do things that bring joy and peace to my soul. I see others doing the same and I think just maybe, we're seeing glimmers of humanity moving into The Time of The Third Eye Chakra. A time where humans will finally see something bigger than ourselves.

I believe The Universe has a plan to support humanity on our ever forward, often begrudging evolution to higher consciousness. It may not happen in my lifetime but, if we do not destroy ourselves or the planet, I know it will happen one day. I consistently acknowledge that love is the way forward while I also return to a sacred Jewish text from Pirkei Avot. When things feel too big, these words remind us we’re not required to complete it all but, we’re also not free to ignore it. Having tools to help us stay sane in times of extreme upheaval is essential so, choose a bath, a glass of wine (or two) grab a candle, soft music or a TV show that makes you laugh out loud. Spend time with friends in a “good vibes only” zone, hug a pet and do something that makes your heart happy.

The news is loud. A screaming minority, trying to hold onto power, is forcing others back into boxes to make themselves feel more comfortable. But there is a growing louder majority that believes in love, respect, democracy and that true freedom means equality for all. They may not be equally as loud yet, but their rumblings are shaking the foundations of conservative society, which is why they seem so unsettled.

I have carried this with me for years and I wish I knew who to thank for it. If you know, please be sure to tell me! It’s the idea that American society is evolving, over the last several centuries, through the chakras. I think of this often and it gives me hope. In the broadest sense, it goes like this, in the 1700-1800s there was the War of Independence, the Civil War, and the settling of the American West. These are connected to the Base Chakra; basic needs, staking our claim, building community and figuring out who we are as a new nation. The Industrial Revolution moves us more into the Sacral Chakra, which deals more with fluids and flow. Prohibition takes hold in the 1920s, at the same time we have gas powered motor cars, factories and such, all dependent on oil, gas and lubrication to keep the machines running smoothly.

While this isn’t an exact timeline, during the 1930s and 40s, there is a shift towards the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra deals with how we see ourselves and relate to those around us and World War II and the Holocaust had a big impact on how we saw ourselves and how our nation wanted to be seen on the world stage. The explosion of Rock & Roll and Elvis in the 50s, and the Beatles and flower children in the 60s all point to the Heart Chakra.

Chants of “Make Love, Not War,” by flower children and others, worked to shift us away from violence with sit-ins, marches and protests, overlapping the Civil Rights Movement’s similar message of non-violence. Great orators like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, JFK and others led the shift to the Throat Chakra, further opening the door for women’s liberation, burning bras and more calls for equal rights. This energy continued through the 1970s and 80s, leaving behind some of our most iconic expressions of music and fashion.

Voices of both protest and solidarity gain strength and focus again in the 2000s and into today through the momentum of the Black Lives Matter, March For Our Lives, the Women’s March and Me Too movements. More people are using their voices than ever before and, for better or worse, as a society, we are still finding our voice. Social Media, Twitter, YouTube, TicTok, Threads and more, all have given people a place to express themselves. Some are spreading fear and hate while others work to combat racism, Christian nationalism and more through love, compassion, and education. As we work through gender identity, book banning, climate change, bodily autonomy, privacy and so much more, it looks like we’ll be in the Throat Chakra for a while.

There is hope, however. Every day more people are understanding there is something more to all of this and that we are all connected. There is more to us than just this earthly existence and this fills my heart with hope. We are finally moving towards the Third Eye Chakra; we are finally starting to understand that love and gratitude are the true engines of the Universe. For those more concerned with holding onto control and maintaining the status quo, this current evolution may feel like the ground shifting in whole new ways. The current push, by ultra-conservative minorities, to outlaw anything and everything nonwhite-hetero-Christian and male is likely amplified by the third eye shift that’s gaining ground right now.

I believe this is where we are now, with fear, lack of understanding and uncertainty leading to attacks on anything outside the crumbling box of outdated racist ideas.

It will pass. It may not pass quickly but, we will move through this tumultuous time. If history has shown us anything in the last few hundred years, it’s that humanity is moving in the right direction. We’ve already come far and with more people waking up, the stronger the shift will be. The more people embracing Divine Light and remembering that love and gratitude are where real power and strength come from, the faster we’ll move through the Third Eye Chakra and towards the hope of peace in our time, with the Crown Chakra.

I believe it is possible and, hoping so gives me the strength to move through this time of chaos and vitriol with peace and love.

That, and touching the trees.


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