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Trapped In A Ring...

I knew him... I trusted him... There really wasn't any reason not to. His wife was a friend, we'd known them for years, and we always had a good time when our paths crossed. They were smart, charismatic and fun, but I was always just that littlest bit aware of feeling unsettled whenever he was around. When he'd shake my hand or give a quick hug, the tingle of connection always followed. I was aware of it but, I didn't understand it enough to dwell on it.

We hadn't seen or spoken to each other in several years when I got a Facebook message, saying hello. After a bit of benign catching up, he asked me about being an empath. He'd noticed several Facebook groups I belonged to, in which others he knew were also members. He had been hesitant to ask them questions about it but, knowing me a bit more peripherally, would I mind if he asked me some questions? I was surprised but, of course I didn't mind.

With "Him," my skills came in overwhelmingly fast and, trying to keep my wits about me during all of it, had been almost more than I could handle. And, when He left, the blackness and depression that followed nearly ended me. As I finally began making my way out of the dark, I repeatedly asked my guides, "Now what? How am I supposed to continue learning about this stuff?" I begged them to send someone I could talk with and utilize what I was learning.

You know that saying about how you never really learn something so well until you teach it to someone else...? Ugh, I was not ready! What the hell did I know about any of this? How in the world did they expect me to lead someone else to enlightenment?? "Help him, trust him," they said... "Trust us," they said....

Growing up, my skills had always been more of a secret. I would occasionally discuss things with my dad but, I never shared with anyone the things I could do, see or know. I had long since stopped sharing with my parents about the voices in my head and I had certainly never been public about any of it. Yet, now I was supposed to help someone else understand things I barely had a grasp of myself! It wasn't that I thought he'd blab or "out" me in some way but, in the bigger picture I didn't really know how he'd react to the truth of what I could do. I was afraid of being judged, I knew that but, I also understood, this is what I'd been asking for. I desperately wanted someone I could talk to about all of this, who wouldn't think I was crazy or weird, someone I could work with as I continued developing my skills.

I was still stinging from the abrupt departure of my Twin (Him) and I was wary of letting anyone get too close but, I knew him, at least a bit... I liked him. He was funny and charming and had never been anything but a gentleman and friend. In the back of my mind though, there was still that tingle of connection. I didn't know if it was good or bad but, one thing I did know about my guides, when I would ask them for help, it almost never looked like what I expected... I knew they always acted in my best interests, even when I couldn't see it. All I had to do was trust them. In the end, they were always right and, since this is what I had asked for, if he was who they sent, so be it.

We spent several months chatting and messaging back and forth and I was pleases and surprised to see how much I'd learned. He asked intelligent questions, appreciated my insight and continued to share his thoughts openly. Best of all, he never seemed too concerned when I used remote viewing to peek into his house (with permission of course). It was a busy time for both of us. I was traveling a lot for work and doing the college scouting thing with Eli. We chatted when we could and, over the months we spoke about many things, both metaphysical and life in general. He shared about his work, family and divorce and I shared a bit about my twin, battling the darkness and the hole that remained in the aftermath as I'd fought my way back to life.

When our schedules finally slowed, he suggested we meet for coffee. It had been a long time since we'd seen each other but, it seemed like a logical thing, and conversation would certainly flow more easily face to face. We both work for ourselves so it was a simply a matter of finding a free morning, knowing that after the coffee rush, places would be more empty and we'd be able to speak freely. I blocked off two hours on my schedule, thinking that would be more than enough time. Four Hours later, we were still talking! What a joy!! It was just easy... We talked about books I'd suggested, meditations we liked, Archangels, Guides, crystals, you name it and It. Was. Wonderful! It would still be several months before I'd connect with the metaphysical community where I lived so, this was literally the first time I had someone to talk with who seemed to understand, or at least wanted to. And, for the first time in ages, I felt normal, like I didn't have to hide who I or what I really was.

We talked about everything, And then we got to psychometry... the ability to gain information about a person or event by touching an object belonging to them, using it to link with their energy. I'd played with this before and I knew that metal objects tended to work better. For years I'd worn a chunky silver ring on my thumb. I don't remember where it came from, it's just something I've always had. So, when he asked for it, I took it off and gave it to him. No one had ever read for me before and I curious to see what he could do with it.

I watched in fascination as he placed it in his palm, on his finger and turned it over and over in his hand... it almost seemed like he was talking to it. I thought the idea was to get information FROM the object but, he seemed to be putting something INTO it... I didn't know you could do that. I didn't know you could use your energy to link to a person, through the object, and use it to control or manipulate... by the time he handed the ring back to me, it was too late.

As I put it back on my thumb, this feeling of warm tingles moved slowly up my arm. It didn't hurt but I was definitely aware of this new sensation. He'd put his energy into the ring. He used it to link my energy to his and, when I put the ring on, the connection was made.

I'd just been tagged by an energy vampire.

That night, my father had a stroke.

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