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The class was called Beyond Psychic Protection and going there was like finding a long-lost piece of myself. I couldn't wait to go back. I continued to ask my guides to send me someone I could work with and wondered if perhaps the person I was looking for was in this class...

Have you ever had the experience where you meet someone and shake their hand, and energy just shoots up your arm? That's what happened the first time we met. We were browsing in the store before class and I introduced myself, having recognized the face from the week before. When we shook hands, I felt an immediate electric charge run up my arm and my Third Eye snapped open as if someone had come up behind me and yelled "BOO!!"

We just stood there, hands still clasped and staring at each other, as visions like snapshots, flipped past in my mind. When I pulled my hand back and shook my head, the visions faded away. Hmm...

I'd felt connection like this before, with Twin and the Narcissist but this was different, more intense. We both felt it. I knew it didn't matter that we'd just met, but I'd been burned twice already. Even though I desperately wanted a friend, a partner I could talk to about all of this, and someone to work with to build my skills, I was afraid to move forward. My guides had gotten me this far, I trusted them and, if this was the right place and the right person, they would show me a sign. Please show me a sign...

During the class, we did a meditation and shared any thoughts or visions we experienced.

I listened as my new friend described something that sounded like a dream catcher with a Star of David in the middle but wasn't sure what it meant. I shared that the star was a symbol in Judaism, and that Jews often wore them on necklaces (I myself wear one that belonged to my grandmother) The reply came, "But I don't know anyone who is Jewish."

I looked up, blinking back tears, and said, "I am Jewish."

For a moment the room was perfectly still as we just smiled at each other in recognition.

It was my sign, here was a soul mate and the one they'd sent to help me.

There were others as well. As I continued in the class, I made more friends, all with different skills and gifts, and all seeking others with whom they could connect, learn, understand, and feel like they belonged. Most weeks, my friend and I would stay after class, standing in the parking lot under a huge beautiful tree called Nicodemus, and talk about the day's discussion. We shared experiences and asked questions that were perhaps not suited for the larger class. We counseled each other and squealed with delight when divine advice came through channeled messages. "Did I just say/do that?" was a frequent refrain as the answers to deep questions came through phrases and mannerisms that were clearly not our own. Time under the tree was almost more valuable than the class itself, as I continued to gain more confidence and understanding in Nicodemus' protected space.

I came to the class knowing I had Spirit Guides and could see them in myself and others.

I could see angels but didn't know what to do about it and, I routinely heard voices I knew weren't mine. I could shake a person's hand and know many things about them, even on a first meeting. I could look at people and know if they were happy or sad, angry, depressed, in pain or even if they were hiding something. I didn't know why or how I could do these things, but I wanted to learn as much as I could and discover what else I could do.

Each week was more fascinating than the next. The instructor would share a topic and discussion would follow and, each time I found myself contributing to a discussion I didn't think I even understood. Yet these words would come out of my mouth and I felt powerless to stop them. Others in the class would ask me questions like, "Can you Astral Travel?" or "Do you Lucid Dream?" and I would have to ask, "what is that?" And each time, once it was explained to me, the answer was, "Oh, that's what that is! Yes, I can do that." On one hand, it didn't seem strange to me, I guess because I'd always done it, even though I didn't understand it was really a "thing." On the other hand, I was both amazed and a bit overwhelmed at the growing list of things I could apparently do.

As I left the class one day, the instructor followed me out. "You know, you move a lot of energy when you're here." Instantly, fear gripped my heart as I had to ask her what that meant. Was I talking too much? Were the things coming out of my mouth completely stupid and totally off base?! Oh God, I really am crazy, and this nice lady has just been letting me come to the class and now she was politely going to ask me to stop coming, I just knew it!

But she just hugged me and said, "I'm so glad you came to the class, I can see it's really good for you! You are really connected, and you've got great information coming through. Trust it. You're doing great!"

I was connected!! I had great information!! Holy Shit!! This was for real, I wasn't crazy AND, I was good at this!! I felt like a kid in school who just won the spelling bee (or something else really great!) I called my husband, the words tumbling out of my mouth as I drove home. And suddenly I understood that all of this was happening for a higher purpose, to move my life in a totally new direction. I had no idea what that was going to be but, for the first time in a very very long time, I felt excitement in my belly and a true desire to participate in my life, rather than just survive it.

My friend and I would talk often and meet for dinner (not often enough) building a relationship based on love, support, openness and understanding. Conversations and questions occurred without judgement and we created a safe space where anything could be discussed with full transparency. What an amazing gift!

**Now, many years later, I continue to be so grateful to be part of the metaphysical community in my area. And, that first class I took ultimately became a discussion group which meets twice a month, which I co-lead with another friend from the original class!

Want to know more about that? Just ask, all are welcome!

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